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About us

We are the mooting society! Many of us have completed our foundation year and are now attending our first year in the law course, so we will all be learning as we progress through the years, but please fret not, we are professionals.

Our society aims to build and develop the skills required to present and perform an ideal moot, as well as teach what mooting is and how to do it. We will also dabble in multiple other activities that will not only improve one’s ability to perform an effective moot, but to also help build a person's confidence in their ability to effectively communicate their points and opinions, as well as in the ability to identify flaws in the arguments of others.

By joining our society, you will take part in a diverse range of activities that will slowly develop your ability to deliver an argument in a moot and you will of course take part in actual moots and hopefully real mooting competitions in the near future.

The Mooting Society’s meeting take place every Wednesday at 12pm till 1pm. Our main activities consist of debating and legal argument. We conduct a combination of activities to help develop essential mooting hard skills, give short presentations on mooting etiquette and strategies, conduct debates and moots.There are no requirements to join, just the willingness to prove yourself correct in a room full of scary old people one day.

You can find us every Wednesday in the classroom N3.03. To join our WhatsApp group chat please email for the link.


Chair | William Yates |

Secretary | Rania Shahid |

Treasurer | Riditaa |

Welfare Liaison| Harsimranpreet Kaur Sidhu |