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Bucks Swimming Club offers a great opportunity for students of all abilities. It allows you to meet other students from different courses and gives you the chance to reach your full potential whether you just want to make friends, improve fitness, or enter competitions.

We train on a Tuesday evening 9-10 at the Wycombe Leisure Centre, which has amazing facilities on offer, as well as being trained by qualified coaches which aim to help members become more confident in their swimming ability. Students can be involved in the training process, with the possibility of entering competitions and Varsity depending on the clubs membership.

What to bring?

  • Swimming costume
  • Swimming hat (required for long hair)
  • Goggles
  • Towel
  • Poolside shoes (optional)
  • Swimming training kit (optional)

Chair | Olivia Tatton (she/her) |

Captain | Patrick Fillingham (he/him) |

Secretary | Amy Sorrell (she/her) |

Social Secretary | Chloe Eastwood (she/her) |

Welfare Liaison | Patrick Fillingham (he/him) |