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The volleyball sport club is a great opportunity for students to make new friends on an international level. Both the women’s and men’s team are very diverse, which makes the training sessions, competitions and social night quite fun and interesting. The training sessions last 2-3 hours and within those 2-3 hours both teams warm up and train for upcoming competitions thank to the amazing coach. The teams are quite close together and always support each other in and out of the court.  Aside from the training sessions, there is also ‘’Volleyball for fun’’ where students can have a taste of what the sport and dynamic is like. Everybody is welcomed and the teams are looking forward to the new recruitments. You can join us at any time during the year. We going to do a pre-season training before freshers week, you’re more than welcome to join us!



We’re planning to have 2 sessions per week, 1st one is usually on a Monday between 18:30 and 20:30 in the Events Hall of BNU High Wycombe, and the 2nd one is still to be discussed. The ‘’Volleyball for fun’’ is on Mondays before the club training sessions, depending on when the majority is available, but mostly from 17-18:30.
Meetings in regards of team progress and decision making is usually on Mondays after training or Wednesdays after competitions.
Social Nights are Wednesdays, where the volleyball team gathers everybody for drinks before going out in High Wycombe. Sometimes non-drinking socials are hosted and instead team building activities are planned so the teams can bond together. The decision how the Socials will be are usually made by everybody.