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About us

Blades HEMA, that’s Historical European Martial Arts, is your resident sword fighting society, not ice-skating contrary to popular belief, where you can learn how to slice and dice your (figurative) enemies with style.

We are a society for everyone, male or female, no matter the course or previous ability level. The skill set gained from Bucks Blades can be applied in various ways, from reenactment, to LARP-ing and stage-fighting, it can also be transferred to artwork, video game creation and writing, giving a realistic twist to the games and prose.

At Blades HEMA, the focus is on 14th-15th Century sword-fighting, meaning that the weaponry used ranges from an arming sword to a hand-in-a-half. to sword-and-buckler;

with opportunity, through links to non-university reenactment societies – The Paladins of Chivalry, and The Beaufort Companye – to expand into other forms of weaponry, such as falchions and heater shields.

In short, Blades HEMA is an excellent way of having fun, making new friends, and doing something you may never have had the chance to do before! All wrapped up neatly and tidily with swords. If you’re unsure about joining, don’t be, come for a session or two (every Wednesday at 7pm tin Drama Studio 2, WW0.01).… you never know, you may never stop coming! 

I mean, we have swords, after all, and not the foam-kind.

Chair | Alfie Vince |

Secretary | Lara Collis |

Treasurer and Welfare Liaison | Issy Waugh |