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We are the BNU Anime and Cosplay society. Our society is about meeting like minded people who are interested in anime, cosplay or both!

Our sessions are usually based around anime, from quizzes to discussions to watching episodes. It is a fun and friendly environment. If you have a cosplay you are working on then you are welcome to bring it in and show everyone or work on it during our sessions - people can advise you on techniques such as sewing and wig styling.

The benefit of joining our society is that you will be in a fun and safe environment where you can express your love for not only anime and cosplay, but gaming and books/manga and anything else that you may enjoy.

We meet on Mondays at 5:30, in room N2.06.

There are no official requirements to join - whether you’re new to anime or cosplay or have been a fan for years, we will welcome you!

Our sessions are relaxed and informal. We do quizzes, play games, watch anime and have general chats and laughs with each other. It is also an opportunity to work on a cosplay if that is what you want to do; there are society members that will be able to give helpful advice and tips.

Chair | Tiff |

Secretary | Aidan |

Treasurer | Tania |

Welfare Liaison | Emily |