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Gaming society is looking to have a very active year. We have so many ideas including Game-A-Thon, GameJam, tabletop evenings, minecraft and many more.

We are a relaxing and social society in which we play a large variety of games. Board, tabletop, console and PC games, pretty much any game you can think of we will try to add to our society plan.

As Gaming society is a social society there is also no pressure to come to all of our sessions or stay the entire length. So, if you are unsure if you can commit to a society, we understand and would love to have you.

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If you have any questions contact us:

Chair | Vytautas Kravcenka or V | Email

Secretary, Welfare Liaison | Will Deeley or Will | Email, Discord @DRJellybaby#6865 (runs DnD and tabletop sessions)