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About us

Hi! Welcome to the climbing society :)
We are a group of students who like to climb up and downs walls in our spare time. If you are looking to meet new people, are already an experienced climber, or just want to try something new - our society is for you.

Unfortunately there are not many mountains in Wycombe. To make up for this we drive the minibus each week to a climbing centre where we are given freedom to do as much, or as little, climbing as we wish. How high you climb is entirely up to you and there is no pressure to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Members range from beginner to reckless, so you will always have someone at a similar level to you. We go for a laugh and to build strength, that’s as complicated as it gets.

Climbing is a fun way to exercise. It’s a great alternative to being a gym lad if that’s not your vibe and allows you to challenge yourself in a safe, professional environment. As a society we aim to have more non - climbing socials this year to help everyone get to know each other - so watch out for our events on our instagram page :)

Fridays , Meet at SU 7pm.
HarroWall Climbing Centre - At climbing centre 8pm - 10:30pm (approx)

Chair | Tasha Noble |
Secretary | Sophie Devine |
Welfare Liaison | Lauren Somerville |
Social Sec | Maria Kotsi |