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About us

We are Bucks FC, the Universities men’s football club representing Buckinghamshire New University with 4 teams in the BUCS Leagues. All our matches are played on a Wednesday and we play in the South East region.

Games, Training and socials, bucks fc offers lots of opportunities for new and current members and always aims to get everyone involved.

Installing memories that will be with them forever where they can say they had the best years of their lives.

MONDAY- On monday nights we will host 2 separate training sessions, the first one to be held for the 3s and 4s with their assigned coach and captains, and the second one being taken up by the 1s and 2s of Bucks FC again with their coaches and Captains leading the sessions. These will not be for everyone involved in the club as usually Bucks FC has a high intake of freshers. However, there will be lots of competition in the squads and the chosen players from each 4 captains for their squads will be the ones taking part in the training. These training squads may change depending on players being promoted and demoted early on in the season before too many games are played and positions are unchangeable. There will be plenty of opportunities in the season for players not selected to impress the captains and possibly get another shot to break into the really competitive squads.

WEDNESDAY- Wednesday is the biggest day of the week for Bucks FC members as it is match day, The players will meet at the University Student Union lounge at the scheduled time set by their captains. We will then depart to our separate fixtures either towards The Rye or to the coaches for away days fully prepared from the training session on the monday just gone ready to hopefully take home all 3 points to our University. Players not selected by captains that are a part of the club and also social members will be needed and told to try and get themselves down to home games to give the boys some support to push us through the 90 minutes to bring back the win.

In the evenings after the games at a time decided by Chair and Social Sec, Bucks FC will be hosting a social where players and club members will be allowed to attend to have a fun social night at which ends at the Students' Union for a fun night with all other clubs and Students at the University.

TUESDAYS - Thanks to the Students' Union 'Sport for Fun' initiative we get to offer an indoor kick-about every Tuesday evening. This is a mixed session open to all members of the Students' Union not just the club. This is one of our most popular showups, and is a great laugh for everyone

Chair | Ethan Hutcheson |

Secretary | Jake Ambridge-Wood |

Welfare liason | Michael Simpson |

1st Team captain | Michael Harding |

2nd Team captain | Will Haynes |

3rd Team captain | Wisdom |

4th Team captain | JJ Hurrel |