Terms and conditions

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We believe in good quality, affordable training with all courses being delivered by highly trained instructors.

Privacy policy

Bucks Students’ Union may keep your details on file in record of course history. The email address you sign-up with will be used to send you any direct or important information about the course, and for any future courses.

Terms and conditions

  1.      For the purposes of this agreement, the ‘Company’ shall refer to ‘Bucks Students’ Union’ and the ‘Customer’ to any company or individual who shall participate in any course delivered by the Company and/or whose details are supplied to the Company in view of receiving training courses delivered by the Company.
  2. 1   By signing attendance or nominal forms during training sessions, the Customer agrees to these terms and conditions in accordance to the following terms. This agreement is governed by English Law.
  3.      All training materials remain the property of the Company.
  4.      All training charges are set based on the period of training outlined in the guided learning hours irrespective of whether training changes in length.
  5. 1   The Company will do all they can to ensure course lengths are in line with the guided learning hours stated.
  6. 2   The Company will not be held responsible for changes to the course length which may occur based on course content, participants, changes to the training centre, or any other reason deemed out of the Company’s control.
  7. 3   A refund for changes in course length will be investigated by the Company on a case-by-case basis.
  8.      Full payment for the course is to be settled in advance by the Customer, unless agreed in advance with the Company.
  9. 1   Any deposits are securely kept by the Company until return. A receipt should be issued by the Company in exchange for any monies.
  10.     If full payment is not made by the course date then the Customer cannot attend the course.
  11.     The Company will not be liable for any damage or loss of any belongings in any room where the course takes place.
  12.     The Company cannot be responsible for any injuries the Customer may have deemed as existing or on-going prior to attending a course.
  13.     The Company will be responsible for advising the Customer of any change in location of the course be used and of any changes in such location.