There is a free, door-to-door bus service for students and staff between the High Wycombe and Uxbridge Campuses and the High Wycombe and Aylesbury Campus (with a valid Buckinghamshire New University ID card). You will also be required to scan your ID card on entering the bus.

Please note that there is no bus service on weekends or bank holidays.


Students travelling to the Uxbridge Campus can do so for free from our High Wycombe Campus with a valid BNU ID card.

From Wednesday 19 June, the Uxbridge shuttle bus will be running on a reduced timetable that will run throughout the summer. You can view the reduced timetable below. 

Summer schedule (from Wednesday 19 June 2024)

High Wycombe Uxbridge
8am 8am
4pm 4.45pm


Standard term-time schedule (from Monday 30 September 2024)

The campus link, between these campuses, runs on a timetable starting from 8am at both campuses and the last journey being at 7.30pm from the Uxbridge Campus. You can view the full timetable below.

High Wycombe Uxbridge
8am 8am
N/A 9.15am
10.00am 10.45am
11.30am 12.15pm
1.00pm 1.45pm
2.30pm 3.15pm
4.00pm 4.45pm
5.30pm 6.15pm
7.00pm 7.30pm 


Further info

Is there a delay or you need to find out if the bus is on time? Follow @BucksCampusLink for all the latest service updates and make sure you let us know if there are any issues. Alternatively, please call 01494 601 600, during office hours, for any queries or more information. 

Whilst endeavouring to offer the highest standard of service to students and staff, please note that this service is limited by vehicle capacity. If you organise an event involving large numbers (ten people or more) of students or staff travelling between campuses, on a specific date and time, please inform the Students' Union by calling 01494 601 600 or emailing