We believe that everyone has the right to work, live, and study in a safe and supportive environment that is free from harassment and fosters inclusivity and respect. We are working to ensure our memeber feel safe and supported and would encourage them to speak up in cases of hate crime, prejudice incidents and online harassment. University can feel like a scary place, often in a new town with new people but we are always working hard to ensure your time at BNU is the best it can be. 

"Recently, we set out to make a statement. We wanted to physically show the support from our members and campus staff who stand against gender-based violence and harassment, and together, we created our first on-campus mural. 

It was amazing to see over 229 handprints from people across all areas of university lifeall pledging against gender-based violence and harassment. 

We don't want to stop here though, this issue is much bigger and needs consistent education and action to help keep people safe." - Tamsin Grainger, President 2020-21

The physical aspect of the campaign is our mighty Bucks Stands Together mural. We explained the meaning behind the wall and asked people if they would like to pledge to look after others in their community and stand up agianst gender-based violence and harrasment.


SSHH BUS (Silent Students Happy Homes)

We all love a good night out, and to make sure that you get home safely, we provide a free night bus on a Wednesday and Friday night (the most popular nights out) for our members to be able to get home safely and quietly. After midnight the bus starts taking students home along a circular route through the most common student accommodation areas.

For more tips on how to stay safe in different situations, visit the Suzy Lamplugh website


Stop top and top up

Speaking of a night out, whether you're joining us for a Frat Night or a live music evening, we currently have stop tops available in our bars for those who want them. They're an adhesive cover for your drink aimed at preventing anyone from slipping something extra in to your drink unnoticed. 

Something else you can grab from our bars are portable battery chargers. No more panicking that you can't call your lost friend if your battery dies, or not being able to locate your own mates on a busy freshers' night out. Just take your ID to the bar and ask for one of our portable chargers, you'll be given a ticket and then you can top up your phone battery and return the charger when you're all done. 


Personal Safety Boxes

Our personal safety boxes are equipped with a variety of resources to ensure you can keep yourself safe, whether that be out of an evening or travelling to and from placement. Inside there is also some information to remember when you're out and about. You can collect you very own box from the Help YourShelf located in the High Wycombe Students' Union reception.


If you witness hate crime or harassment, be an active bystander and follow the three D’s:

Distract: Diffuse the situation by distracting the victim and move them away from the situation at hand.

Direct: Be bold and address the perpetrator and ask the victim if they are alright.

Delegate: Contact a friend, staff member or police officer to help you out of the situation and stand together!


We will always #standtogether against bullying, sexual violence, racism, transphobia, sexual harassment, transphobia…


For more information and support follow this link to the University Hate Crime and Hate Incidents page. If you need to, you can always speak to one of our advisors by emailing suadvice@bnu.ac.uk