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#BSUelections is our annual democratic election process taking place every March. Students register themselves as candidates for the position they believe they are best suited to from the ones available, create manifesto's outlining what they want to achieve and most importantly, campaign to win votes from their peers.

This includes our full-time, paid Sabbatical Officer roles so it's a pretty big deal. As students, it's where you get to decide who next leads your students' union as your three new Sabbatical Officers. 

Sabbatical Officer role not for you? We also have a whole host of part-time, voluntary leadership positions available in the Students' Union including Executive Officers, Student Trustees and more. Information for these roles can be found towards the bottom of this page by simply clicking the position of interest and reading the attached opportunity profiles. These roles are a great way to become more involved within the Students' Union, develop your leadership skills and help to make life better for students at Bucks. 

Our Sabbatical Officers sit at the top of the Union's student leadership pyramid. In this role, they are paid £22,972 each for their year in office, with the responsibility of representing all Bucks students, full-time. 

If you are voted in as one of our three Sabbatical Officers, you'll become the face of the Union at the end of that academic year, beginning a two-week induction period in June before taking the reigns fully in July. You'll get speak to thousands of students to understand their needs and concerns, as well as keeping them informed of everything that's happening in both the Union and University. You'll participate in student media, support open days, host awards ceremonies, work closely with the University's Executive Team and most importantly, make life better for students at Bucks. There's a lot of meetings involved, but you'll be making significant change in everyone, including at the most senior level of the University. 

It's no surprise then that some of our previous Sabbatical Officers have gone on to work for unions, universities, charities or even taking up roles in government, as well as a whole host of roles away from representation, education and politics in the worlds of media, sports and big business. 

Campaigning to win your fellow students votes and become a Sabbatical Officer is a big task. It's an important job, supporting students get the most out of their university experience and ensure they get value for money. But don't fear, we are here to support you every step of the way. You'll get hands-on support from the Representation and Democracy team whilst you campaign (though we can't campaign for you or help you write your manifesto's as we remain completely impartial) and there's plenty of written materials to help you every step of the way which can be found below. 

President - Works as the central point of the Union's Leadership Team ensuring good governance, democracy and financial responsibility where you'll also act as Chair of our Trustee Board, helping to keep the Union up and running. They bring together all aspects of the university experience, ensuring it works and is fair for you as well as helping to govern and lobby the University when needed to make sure it reflects your views. 

Vice President Education and Welfare - Works to ensure the University is always providing the best academic experience possible, helping students to get the most out of their degree. As well as this, they support your overall health and happiness during your time at Bucks, making sure you have access to any help and key services you may need during your time at the University. 

Vice President Student Involvement - Works to ensure your extra-curricular life at Bucks is one that thrives thanks to the Big Deal, rolling out free sports, societies, recreational activities, additional skills training, events and much more, helping to remove any barriers to participation. 

Nominations for #BSUelections open at 10am Monday 11 January and will run until noon Friday 12 February 2021. An online, mandatory candidate briefing will then take place on Wednesday 17 February at 5pm. Online campaigning can begin immediately after this meeting with voting opening from 10am Monday 1 March - noon Friday 5th February with results announced later that evening. 

If you do any questions regarding #BSUelections, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team at surepresentation@bucks.ac.uk and they will be more than happy to help. To find out more information about a role, simply click on one of the positions. To do this, you will need to ensure you are logged in

Our 2021 Elections Week open's from 10am Monday 1 March and ends noon Friday 5 March 2021 and for the first time ever, will be taking place completely online. This page is also where you'll be able to come and cast your vote during the above period. Should you have any difficulties during the voting period, please email surepresentation@bucks.ac.uk

Ready to lead your Union or know someone who could?

We're on the lookout for students ready to lead the Union. Are you passionate about making long-lasting and significant change? Care about the wide-ranging issues students are currently facing? Are you super organised? Maybe you know someone who is all of the above? 

Anyone is eligible to run in #BSUelections, but you've only got until noon on Friday 12 February to nominate yourself or someone who you think would be great for one of our roles. So move quickly so as not to miss out. 

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