Monday 27 March 2017
The Venue
9am - 9am


BNU - Gaming Soc are bringing us their annual 24-hour Game-a-Thon, in which they will host a range of games for everyone to get involved with in order to raise money for their society, and for RAG.


So if you're a legendary FIFA pro, or a Yu-Gi-Oh master (or if you know you suck but just enjoy the fun of a good laugh with your mates) pull up and bean bag and settle in, as we game until we can't game no more!



Magic The Gathering


Table Top games

Role playing games (Dungeons and Dragons, etc)

Nintendo 3DS gaming

Console Gaming

Board games (Forbidden Island, Settlers of Cattan, and various other board games)

Cards Against Humanity

Jackbox Party Pack

PC Gaming

Pokemon GO


Starts 9am Monday

Finishes 9am Tuesday


Free for Bucks Students and Guests

A donation will be suggested in order to play


Drinks and snacks will also be available to purchase.