Bucks New Uni Gaming Society wants to invite and welcome everyone to the biggest Jam of jams- Global Game Jam 2022. An event during which we create games (video or board games) in just 48 hours.
This year we are organizing the GGJ in the university on January 28th starting at 5pm. This is definitely an opportunity not to be missed!
While the GGJ might seem mostly beneficial for games development course only, I would wish to disagree and invite anyone even remotely interested.
Creation of games is a different process for everyone (some work in groups, some prefer to work alone) but 3D Game Art, Animation, Audio and Music Production, Artificial Intelligence, Computing and a lot of other courses can be included into the process of creating a game, so really it is an opportunity for all creative and digital students.

One of the main reasons to participate is:

Participating in this event will show your future employers the passion for your field, it also adds to your portfolio which helps a lot when applying for your future positions!
If you are still not convinced, there will be free pizza and beverages at the event!

You can stay in the library or come to the start of the event, work from home and come at the end to see the trailer competition.
We will be very happy to see you in January, lets jam it out the right way!