Mind The Gap - Mens Peer Support Group


Are you experience low mental health or social isolation? Join the weekly peer wellbeing group for men. 


Wednesdays 11am-1pm at the Healthy Living Centre in Aylesbury. 


To find out more or join this free wellbeing group, please contact Pauline or Chris on pauline.hayden@bucksmind.org.uk, 07788438134 or Chris.hayden@bucksmind.org.uk, 07932517111


One service user has said: "I feel I have grown as a person over the time I’ve been going. I am more confident and more able to join in and be an active member. I know I am missed if I’m not there, the same as I miss the group. I can chat with others and help if I can. I may not be much of a talker, but I know I am a good listener and I have compassion for others. The group has definitely brought this side of me out.”