An International Checklist

Calling all International and EU students!

The Students' Union (that's us) are here to support you and to help make life better for students at Bucks. We're here to enrich your life outside the classroom, help you to make new friends, support your ideas, and represent you on a local and national level. Now that your new adventure as begun, are you sure you have everything you need?

We understand it might be a bit overwhelming coming to a new country and start a new life, so we wanted to give you a bit of a hand. With the help from International students who have been in your very shoes, we've created a quick checklist with all the important things you'll need to take care of.


National Insurance number

You’ll need this number to be able to work in the Uk so make sure you schedule an appointment asap to get it as it can take up to 16 weeks for you to get your National Insurance number. You can find all the details to do so on the governement website.


Register with a local doctor

EU citizens, regardless of their immigration status, will be entitled to register with a General Practioner and receive NHS primary care services free of charge. We've put together a handy list of things you might need when you register for a GP and if you don’t know which GP to go to, no worries! You can find it here by inserting your postcode:


Bucks New Usage

Tight on luggage space? We totally get it. The last thing you want isto bring your whole house on your back so we thought you might need an extra help!
Bucks New Usage is a scheme at BNU where you can find free homeware, still in good shape and ready to have a new life. The green initiative allows students to donate mugs, plates, cutlery, toasters, and even waffle makers to Bucks New Usage and then another student can stop by an grab what they need. If you need a new mug or even a whole new kitchen set, dorp and email to who'll be able to help you out.



If you're looking for some part time work to help pay your bills or to simply earn some extra cash, we're here to make sure you're supported. You can find a list of part time jobs around High Wycombe in our JobShop which we're aways updating with new opprortunities. You can also check out what paid opportunities we have available in the Students' Union. Under the new student visa regime, students can work up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time outside term time, which includes the period before the course starts and the period after the course is completed.



If you ever need any advice relating to any issue you may have during your time at Bucks, you can always reach out to our impartial and confidential Advice Centre.