Shortlist announced!

The Shortlisting for the 2019 AU Dinner awards are as follows:


RAG Contributor

BNU Dance


Men’s Hockey

BNU Swans


Coach of the Year

Yasmin Zerrouk – BNU Swans

Ashley Webb – Hockey

Arsene De Kesel – Women’s Volleyball

Abi Joss – Novice Contemporary


Most Improved Player

Jade Collis – BNU Dance

Annabelle Stubbs – BNU Swans

Ellie Bennett – Netball

Tom Dinham and William Booth – Badminton


Fresher of the Year

Annabelle Stubbs – BNU Swans

Hanna Free – Women’s Hockey and Cricket

Tereza Vsetickova – Women’s Volleyball and Women’s Rugby

Jamal Kayani – Boxing


Team of the Year

BNU Swans – Jazz Team

Women’s Basketball


Women’s Volleyball


Club of the Year

BNU Dance



BNU Swans

Men’s Hockey



Sophie Parfitt – BNU Swans

Caitlin Lawlor - Badminton

Marie Vodickova – Women’s Volleyball

Alex Ditchburn – Futsal


Committee Member of the Year

Jade Collis – BNU Swans

Adam Taylor – Rugby

Callum Skinner – Men’s Hockey

Olivia Vroone – BNU Dance


Sportsman of the Year

Jake Kernot – BNU Dance

Riadh Bouzida – Bucks FC

Nathan Edwards – Men’s Hockey

Pablo Latorre Martinez – Bucks FC


Sportswoman of the Year

Renee Moses – Women’s Basketball

Karolina Zlomanczuk – Women’s Volleyball

Anna Steer – Women’s Badminton

Cleo Kitchener – BNU Dance


Congratulations to all that have been nominated!


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