Celebration Station - September and October

Every month the Students’ Union are updating the celebration station with students and student groups who have stood out the most.

September’s winners were:

Aviation, Society of the Month
This society caught our eye not only with their amazing Freshers' Fair stall, but also with the work they have put in at the beginning of the academic year. They invited in various guest speakers which has massively benefitted their members.

American Football, Club of the Month
Despite setbacks at the beginning of term, they went out and found four new coaches off their own backs and have worked really hard to keep their membership up.

Femke Bekker, Volunteer of the Month
Over the summer Femke volunteered for Child Bereavement, racking up more than 150 community volunteer hours. She has also been committed to organising more events which will benefit the community this year.

Sam Ogungbe, Student Rep of the Month

Sam was awarded Student Rep of the Year at our annual Union Awards event in May 2018 for his tireless work in ensuring his Adult Nursing group got the most out of their university experience.


Aviation Society and Femke Bekker. 

October’s winners are:

ACS, Society of the Month
ACS ran a successful event in the venue with over 100 people. They also sent a speaker to represent the society at Union Council.

Dance, Club of the Month
This club has got stuck in and are already doing really well with their club accreditation, have sorted out their uniform order, fundraised for RAG and had their budget meeting laying out all the competition entries for the year and transport requests.

Mona Gundacker, Volunteer of the Month
Mona joined in with nearly every volunteering opportunity at Give it a go week! She has also become project leader for One Can Trust, encouraging other students to volunteer!

Rebekah Fulton, Student Rep of the Month

Rebekah has led the way in terms of getting her rep work underway for the academic year. Rebekah was one of the first to organise her coffee sessions with her course leader and has been in regular contact with the Representation team following her successful election as student rep.


Mona Gunducker with Lauren O'Shea and BNU Dance.

Our celebration station is on the ground floor of the North Wing (near the Students’ Union offices) and will be updated monthly. Keep an eye out and help us celebrate your successes.