Give it a Go Week: Volunteering

Give it a Go Week was a great success for volunteering!

Four volunteering taster sessions were put on to give students the chance to try out different opportunities. They all had a ‘green’ element to them in response to feedback we have gathered from students last year who noted that they would like to learn more about sustainably to benefit the planet and their health.

One Can Trust is the local food bank in High Wycombe which gets food donations from the community to give to those who are struggling financially. Our students spent the afternoon sorting and stacking the donations which helped the charity out a great deal.

   “I volunteered at the food bank which was run really well and gave us the opportunity to help out in the local community. The group who went had a great time and all wanted to do it again. I am currently organising fortnightly sessions with the support of the Students Union who have made the process really simple for me. I would recommend volunteering with the food bank if you want to give back to the community and meet a great group of people!”  Mona Gundacker - Student Volunteer 

Students also helped out in the beautiful garden of Wycombe Museum, sorted out donations in our very own Bucks New Usage store and went down to Brighton for the day to clean the beach!

We had 15 students help out at the beach-clean, meeting up with Brighton University students who together collected over 20 bags of rubbish from the beach.

   “The beach clean-up was a great experience and a fun day out! It felt good cleaning the beach and doing something good for the community, and the treat at the end was some free time to enjoy the sun, eat some local food and shop!”  Tom Mepham - Student Volunteer

   “Cleaning Brighton beach was an excellent way of increasing the awareness of how plastic can harm the environment and society. If we didn't volunteer on Saturday, the litter would still be there and people would continue to throw litter on the beach. In the long term Brighton Beach would be wasted as nobody would go there. Volunteering with students from Brighton University showed that by working together, not only can we clean up the beach but also encourage others to think twice about littering and talk to others about it too.”  Beata Napora - Student Volunteer

The majority of the rubbish collected was made up of plastic washed up from the sea, highlighting the world’s plastic problem that is discussed regularly in the media. Many of our students found the experience eye opening and therefore the trip has increased their awareness of the issue.

If you are a green issues champion and would like to get involved in green campaigns at the Students Union please contact Kat Frei on We are looking to fill our Green Ambassador role and would love to hear from you!