Nursoc Launch 2018

Nursoc is the University’s very own nursing-centred society. Through Nursoc, you'll be able to socialise with other nursing students across different courses and years. Nursoc allows you to develop a professional network, whilst receiving the support of being a Bucks student.

The society's launch night was held on Tuesday 9 October and went incredibly well, with a good turnout and enthusiastic students ready for the year ahead. Students enjoyed free food and drink, and took part in a range of games and activities to introduce them to the society and each other.

In previous years the society has run several activities for students to get involved in. For example, last year students went on a pumpkin picking afternoon and then held a carving session in Pulse café. They also organised bake sales, and helped staff run a campaign around self-care.

During the launch night, we asked students to put themselves forward for committee positions. These will be the students who will run the society alongside the help of the Students’ Union. These roles consist of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Each role is important in the running of the society, and will help shape the way the society is run.

If you are interested in running for any of these roles, please email with your details and the role you are interested in. We will then hold an online election to decide the committee for this year.

This full article can be found in the latest edition of The Bucks Student newspaper, launching Monday 22 October.