On the front line

My name is Olein and I’m a second year nurse based in Uxbridge. 

Everyday life as a student nurse can be a big challenge, especially during these pressing times. To ensure that your general and mental health are cared for while you are out on placement, below are a few links that the Students' Union have found to help each nurse or key worker at this time. This is very fundamental for your training as your resilience will be tested each day. Finding resources to support your general wellbeing can be difficult. The Students’ Union asked me to see if the links worked as only those who are on placement and working through this time can really know. 

NHS STAFF: Nursing staff have access to a dedicated mental health support service published by the Nursing Standard. Varies charities such as Hospice UK and Samaritans provide a call/text helpline that is available between 7am and 11pm. The link for this article can be found here.

UNISON have written an article providing nursing students about key information to their year groups. The material provided in the article are generalised guidelines that have been set out by the regularity bodies. Also, the university will have provided information that applies to your specific placements. All information about the article can be found here

The Nursing standard has also provided an article describing how a critical care unit operates on a daily basis. This article offers information about the role of a critical care nurse. If you are a student nurse who is about to begin training at a critical care or intensive care unit. I would encourage everyone to read this article as it provides you an idea of what to expect. The article can be found here.

Social media may also induce anxiety in healthcare workers, as the eyes of the world are focused on us. We have a duty of care, and as the whole country praises our efforts to stop the spread and implement treatment to patients. The public look to us for answers and guidance, which sparks more anxiety. Education does not stop for nurses and healthcare professionals after we graduate. We need to draw on our awareness and keep up to date on different issues. Social media often fuels a fire that cannot be tamed. For example, the public panic buying from supermarkets. This article offers tips on how to deal with excessively negative social media messages. The article can be found here.  

If you have a break from placement or want something to read, I would highly recommend the above links as they have allowed me to gain some clarity in what is going on in these uncertain times. Stay safe!