Sports Report - Wednesday 18 October

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The week started off with the Futsal team's first game of the season. It was an unfortunate 4-16 loss against Kingston but hopefully, things will pick up for the team throughout the rest of the season.



Men's Badminton had their first match of the season against Surrey 3s. Bucks were unable to clinch the victory but had some really close matches. In particular, Jack Scott and Dan Lewis put up a great fight in their doubles match, taking the last game to 25-27. Women's Badminton also had their first match of the season and returned victorious against London Southbank University, winning 5-3.

Bucks FC had three teams playing this week. Bucks FC 2s and 4s played at home but unfortunately, both lost. Bucks FC 1s travelled to Portsmouth with depleted numbers, but despite the uncertainty over their player numbers they managed to win 2-1. This great result has led to them being named our Team of the Week. Congratulations boys!

A last-minute cancellation for Bucks Ladies FC means they were awarded a walkover win over Canterbury Christ Church which means the Bucks girls are still yet to play a football game. Bucks Ladies FC's free Wednesday meant that a number of them travelled to Middlesex with Women's Hockey to supplement their team numbers. A great performance meant they finished ahead of Middlesex 2-0.

Men's Rugby had their first game of the season against tough opponents Chichester and Netball 2s travelled to Roehampton to play our Varsity rivals but neither teams could quite clinch the victory.

The day finished with Men's Volleyball and Women's Volleyball games in front of a supportive home crowd. Unfortunately, both teams lost against Kent and Portsmouth respectively.

Next Wednesday brings Cup matches for the majority of the Bucks teams. Let's hope they can make it through the first knock-out round!



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