Sports Report - Wednesday 31 January

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This week was a massive return for most sports, with 14 fixtures arranged to be played and a total of 11 going ahead on the day. Wednesday 31 January has been one of our most successful of the 17-18 season so far!

The day started with Men's Badminton, though on home courts they were playing top of the league and had extremely tough opponents, they worked hard and battled to the end even stealing a small victory along the way. Women's Badminton and last week's TEAM OF THE WEEK looked motivated as ever travelling away to rivals Roehampton. They managed to replicate the previous week's success and record a 7-1 win, just imagine what they can do at home on Varsity day.

Men's Basketball tipped off in the event's hall against Royal Holloway, battling hard and settling as a team with a few new members. It was a challenging and hard fought battle that Royal Holloway just started to run away with towards the end as Buck's tired. Women's Basketball immediately followed our men, putting on quite the late night show against Surrey. Focused on their cup run and motivated as ever to achieve a third straight cup victory, this week was clearly a week to practice tactics and plays before their quarterfinals in the coming week.

Of the four planned football fixtures, only Men's Football 1's and 4's went ahead. Both teams were facing difficult opponents, the 4ths were faced with the top of the league and after a long 90 minutes of constant attack and defence, tackles and shots flying, the boys were extremely proud to walk off the pitch not just with 1 point, but also a clean sheet! The 1's not too dissimilar with their 1-1 draw fought hard and threw it all into the match desperate for the winning goal. Heads remain high and focused towards next week!

Moving across to Bisham Abbey we had two very contrasting games. Men's Hockey suffered a 7-1 loss against a very strong Imperial side who are sitting very high in their league table. They had great support from Women's Hockey who played just before them and continued their winning season with a dominant display against Middlesex, scoring no less than 8 goals and retaining an impressive clean sheet.

Next, we move to Kingsmead, which again featured a very contrasting combination of results. Netball, who were struggling for numbers faced a difficult opponent in Sussex, and whilst they battled hard and ran the court and back, they fell just short. Hopefully, with the road to varsity, they will be able to recruit and strive for victories in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, Rugby have seen a dramatic improvement in training and match play with the appointment of a coach, ex-student, and previous president Matt Gilbert. They took Brunel by surprise scoring an incredible 57 to Brunel's 12! Even current VPSI featured in the match on his return to Rugby. I am sure this will be a great step in the right direction for the captain and newly appointed varsity captain Charlie Cotton.

Finally, we had Women's Volleyball who travelled to Portsmouth with two brand new, never played before, individuals. They were very cautious before they began their journey, certain that they would need to cancel only hours beforehand. Not only di the girls smash it in Portsmouth and get the 3-0 victory they are officially this weeks Team of the Week! We hope for more Wednesday like this, with the fire and motivation growing!

P.S. 6 Wednesdays to Varsity!


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