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Rules and Regulations Awareness

The University has a number of procedures that you need to be aware of. They may help you in times of trouble or help you avoid trouble! If you need any help with any of these procedures get in touch with us in the Students’ Union Advice Centre or contact your Registry Officer.


Mitigating circumstances and extension requests:

These procedures are for when things happen to you over which you have no control, but which affect your ability to submit an assignment, sit an exam or attend a placement. There are time limits on these procedures so read about them before you need them!



Academic misconduct:

This policy covers what happens when you get caught cheating in assignments or exams. Make sure all the work you hand in is in your own words and referenced properly. Don’t cheat it’s not worth the risk. The penalties involved can lead to failing your course.



Disciplinary procedures:

These are the procedures used where a student’s behaviour has fallen below acceptable standards, this includes on campus, off campus, on placement and in University accommodation.



Student conduct:

The Learning Partnership Agreement sets out what you can expect from the University and what the University expects from you.  This link also takes you to the Attendance and Engagement Policy, which further explains what is expected of you if for any reason you can’t attend your lectures etc.




Use this procedure if you have a complaint about your programme of study, a facility or service provided by the University or actions / lack of action by a member of University staff.



Academic Appeals:

If you think that your result is incorrect and / or you believe that a mistake has been made in relation to the decision made regarding your assessment, progression or final award, you can appeal your result by following the Academic Appeals Process. However dissatisfaction or disappointment with the result of an assessment is not sufficient grounds for an academic appeal. If you think your mark is unfair arrange to speak to the marker so you understand why you got the mark you did.



Fitness to Practise:

A number of the programmes which the University offers entitle successful graduates to become registered members of regulated professions. If your programme comes under the fitness to practise policy you will have previously been informed of this in publicity material and during the application process. These are the procedures put in place to discharge the University’s duty to ensure that Bucks students are fit to practise during their programme and on registration.



To contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre email suadvice@bucks.ac.uk or call 01494 603016 for our High Wycombe office or 01494 605180 for our Uxbridge office.