Union Council Update


Hey everyone, it’s your new Union Council chair, Ana.

From now on, you’ll be getting updates from me on the ongoings of the Union Council. Looking at a quick overview of what happened, who was there, some of the hot seat questions which were answered by the elected officers and announcing the winners of the shopping vouchers. 

Our second Union Council of the year went underway with a strong set of attendees, 74 to be exact. 3 of the students will be lucky enough to win £20 in shopping vouchers of their choice. Keep reading to find out who the lucky winners are and if you want to be in a chance to win, turn up. 

We opened Union Council with the introduction of myself and what my role will entail as Union Council Chair. Essentially helping the officers and rep team with the smooth running of the meeting and inputting any ideas that I have which will help make it more engaging.

Our officers, Jess, Amy, Sruthi and Brandon gave us a quick update on what they’ve been up to, an update from one of our Executive Officers about their plans to support the membership for their respective areas, followed by our trustee update. You can find the minutes of the meeting by going to the Bucks Student’s Union website, Your Union, about us and clicking committee minutes. 

Following up on this, we had Sam Mitchell from the safeguarding team do a talk on the new system that BNU has implemented which is ‘Report and Support’ and tool to record safeguarding concerns with the University. This can be found by searching ‘Report and Support’ or ‘Safeguarding’ on BNU’s website. 

A reminder that if you know of anyone who is in immediate danger to themselves or others call 999. 

We also provided an update on the Students' Union's plans to change the ‘BAME’ Executive Officer as we felt it was time to re-evaluate this title to better reflect the values and principles that it represents for our members.

Join us on Thursday 30 November in S3.01 or online at 5pm for an update from the University’s Accommodation team, to discuss how BNU can make student life more affordable on campus for you. 

Oh, and our winners from the last Union Council:

  • Charlotte Leighton-Woods
  • Ayesha Chaudhry
  • Eliesha Skinner


Thank you, Ana.