Varsity 2018 - the results

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Varsity - women's football fixture Varsity - women's football fixture

Sports teams from Bucks New University have competed in the annual Varsity fixture, against the University of Roehampton, with an overall draw for both sides, 10.5 points to 10.5 points.

Bucks started in a strong position with wins for women’s rugby and futsal, having taken on Roehampton at three fixtures before the main event.

A total of 18 fixtures were played across the main event with overall wins in women’s rugby; men’s futsal; men’s badminton; women’s hockey; men’s volleyball; women’s and men’s basketball and two of the five football fixtures. There was a draw for the men’s football 1s and a point was awarded to each university for swimming.

Heading into the final three fixtures, Bucks needed to win every match to secure victory. There was a win at women’s basketball and, although Bucks started strong at men’s rugby union, Roehampton took the lead and won 19-10. Men’s basketball was the final fixture and was probably the most nail-biting match that has been played at Varsity with Bucks narrowly winning 53-52. 

This is the first time that Varsity has ended in a draw – leaving Roehampton to retain the Varsity title and Roebuck Trophy.

Jimi Adeyinka, Vice President Student Involvement at Bucks Students’ Union, said: “Varsity is always one of the biggest highlights in the year and a firm favourite amongst all of our sports teams. This is the closest result we’ve ever had and although we didn’t win the title I’m incredibly 'Bucks Proud' of what we achieved and the true passion for sport that was shown across all fixtures.”

The Sam Woods shield, for best individual male performance, was won by Loewy Simmons from Roehampton and Ellie Kearney from Bucks was awarded the Natalie Tucker shield for best female performance.

Full results

Dance (held on Saturday 24 February): Bucks 2-3 Roehampton

Women’s rugby (held on Thursday 15 March): Bucks 29-12 Roehampton

Men’s futsal (held on Sunday 18 March): Bucks 7-5 Roehampton


Swimming: 1 point was awarded to each university

Men’s badminton: Bucks 5-3 Roehampton

Women’s badminton: Bucks 1-7 Roehampton

Women’s hockey: Bucks 4-1 Roehampton

Men’s hockey: Bucks 0-9 Roehampton

Men’s volleyball: Bucks 3-0 Roehampton

Women’s volleyball: Bucks 1-3 Roehampton

Women’s football: Bucks 1-8 Roehampton

Men’s football 1s: Bucks 1-1 Roehampton

Men’s football 2s: Bucks 3-2 Roehampton

Men’s football 3s: Bucks 2-1 Roehampton

Men’s football 4s: Bucks 1-2 Roehampton

Netball 1s: Bucks 19-50 Roehampton

Netball 2s: Bucks 14-43 Roehampton

Women’s basketball: Bucks 73-44 Roehampton

Men’s basketball: Bucks 53-52 Roehampton

Men’s rugby union: Bucks 10-19 Roehampton