Voting Online


This year our elections are happening completely online. You can head over to our elections hub to cast your vote today. If you're unsure on how the voting process works online, then keep reading, we've got your back!

In order to vote, first up, make sure you’re logged into our website using your blackboard details at the top right of the page. Once logged in, you can click ‘Elections’. Please take a look at all of the available elections and make sure you are voting where appropriate. 

To vote in any election, click the heading (for example ‘Sabbatical Officers’). From here, you can watch a useful ‘how to vote’ video, view the candidate list, along with their photos and manifestos. Once you’ve read each of the manifestos and considered who you would like to vote for, you can then click ‘Vote’ and ‘start voting’.

The candidates are all listed here alongside ‘R.O.N’. This stands for Re-Open Nominations. If you do not feel any of the candidates are suitable, you can vote for R.O.N instead.

At Bucks, we use the Single Transferable Voting system, which means you get to vote for the candidates in order of preference. To do this, click the candidates starting from your favourite and first choice (#1), then click your second choice (#2), then your third choice (#3), and so on. The candidates will then be listed in numerical order on the right side of the screen. You can click each candidate name in this list to remove or re-order your vote. If you only want to vote for one person and not list any additional preferences, you can do this too by only selecting their name as your #1 choice.

Please double check your voting list is correct, then click ‘Cast vote’ and ‘Confirm vote’ to submit your choices.

You can then repeat these steps for all of the current elections. 

To quickly recap, that's:

  1. Login
  2. Head to our elections tab
  3. Click on one of the roles (sabbatical officers, exec officers, ambassadors etc etc)
  4. Click ‘Candidate list’
  5. Read Manifestos
  6. Click Vote
  7. Click on your candidates in order of preference
  8. If you don’t think any of the candidates are suitable, select R.O.N (re-open nominations)
  9. Click on 'Cast Vote'
  10. Confirm your vote


If you have any questions or need any help with voting, please email