We did it


You might have heard that the recent referendum to bring in a Fourth Sabbatical Officer failed to reach the necessary quorum but our members showed near unanimous support for the motion. So we took the motion to a General Meeting. 

The General Meeting for a Fourth Sabbatical Officer which took place recently, had over 100 members in attendance with 128 out of 130 students voting yes in support of a fourth sabbatical officer, reaching the quoracy as outlined in our Constitution.

We are all absolutely thrilled with this news and will now go forwards with an election in June for the Fourth Sabbatical role ‘Vice President Education and Welfare: Uxbridge’ and work with the University to enable us to fund the role for next year.

Nominations for the role are open until Wednesday 1 June so there is still time to nominate yourself and be the voice of our Uxbridge and Aylesbury students.