Your candidates are...


It’s that time of year agan as the #BSUElections are in full swing. 

With all the nominations submitted, and just over two weeks to go until voting officially opens, we can now reveal who will be running to lead your union. Not only can we reveal your 2023-24 Sabbatical Officer candidates, but also the candidates running to be your Executive Officers, Student Trustees, and ambassadors. You can read candidate manifestos over in our elections hub.

The candidates below are in alphabetical order.

Students Union President

Brandon Tester

Charlotte Leighton-Woods

Hamood Jaffrey

Reanne David


Vice President Education and Welfare (High Wycombe)

Ellie Lee

Hassan Nisar

Sruthi Kurumozhiyil Subhash


Vice President Education and Welfare (Uxbridge and Aylesbury)

Amy Pile


Vice President Achievement and Belonging

Akanksha Kale

Jess Bradbury

Phoenix Broxton


We are also hosting elections for our Executive Officer, Student Trustee, and ambassador roles where we see students take the lead on areas within the union that are important to them, whether that be student communities, setting direction for the union, or raising awareness of local and charitable areas. 


BAME Students' Executive Officer

Jacob Hosanee


International Students' Executive Officer

Dhanya Sairaj


LGBTQ+ Students' Executive Officer

Jay Aster L-J Ramsden


Mature Students' Executive Officer

Sam Adams              


Part-Time and Commuting Students' Executive Officer

Malikhai Samworth


Students with Disabilities Executive Officer

Kate Gordon

Jacob Hosanee


Women Students' Executive Officer

Bianca-Georgiana Epuras

Daisy Davis

Jorja Fulford

Liv Ross

There are currently no candidates standing for the Postgraduate Students' Executive Officer roles. Nominations for these roles will be re-opened in September in a by-election.


Student Trustee

Bianca-Georgiana Epuras

Christopher Ntoni

Jacob Afedi

Jacob Hosanee

Lucy Holmes

Ratu Nailatikau

Rita Ekokotu-Odigie


RAG Ambassador

Bianca-Georgiana Epuras

Dee Whyte

Dipak Kandel

Emma Snooks

Euan Abrar Mcginness

Jorja Fulford

Marissa Leyden


Fairtrade Ambassador

Bianca-Georgiana Epuras


Green Ambassador

Bianca-Georgiana Epuras

Emma Snooks

Lucy Holmes

There are currently no candidates standing for One Can Trust Ambassador role. Nominations for this role will be re-opened in September in a by-election.


Have your say on who leads your Students' Union when voting opens on Monday 6 March and keep up to date with our social media channels for the inside scoop on the candidates and the election.