Here at Rusty’s Radio we stream music 24/7 and have slots for you to broadcast your very own show live through the week! With everything from k-pop to rock and indie to pop classics, we have something for everyone! Most of our shows are aired from Monday to Friday, 1-9pm with playlists throughout the rest of the week.

Roles are available in presenting, as well as behind the scenes. If hosting a show isn’t for you, you can still get involved in promotions, marketing or being a studio tech.You’ll learn about how a radio station works and the technical elements of broadcast, and you’ll have access to exclusive training, Q&As, and interviews with major broadcasters like the BBC, Capital, and iHeartRadio, courtesy of the Student Radio Association.

When you’ve signed up to the radio, we’ll ask if you’d like your own show or a behind the scenes role. We’ll then run a few training days at the SU (High Wycombe Campus) to teach you how to use the broadcast desk, software, how to upload music, and give you some general tips on broadcasting to ease any pre-show nerves you may have.

If you're interested in beina presenter, you’ll probably be in to host/co-host at least 1 show a week! It’s also good if you set up and run a social media page for your show, but this is up to you.

If behind the scenes is more your thin then depending on your role, you might be required to do help manage our social media, curate playlists, manage our Spotify, or upload our music system.

We aim to meet once a month, either in person or online, to see how shows are doing and how we can help to improve everyone’s experience. We’ll also talk about any upcoming events, like SRA Con and Varsity.

Once you join the society, we’ll add you to our WhatsApp group to keep you updated.

There are no requirements needed to join! We’ll teach you everything you need to know, and you won’t be thrown in the deep end.

Chair & Treasurer | Aaron Dartnell |

Secretary | Phoebe Wilkinson |

Welfare Liaison | Phoenix Broxton |