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My name is Yassin, I am a student here in Buckinghamshire studying Msc Aviation Operations and Management. I am a professional pianist with experience working in the music industry, I am accompanied by Riley, and Steph, a choir singer, and actor, and a music composer able to write compositions for nearly every instrument.

Together we lead the music society The music society is a mixed group of musicians that aim to integrate different genres of music, creating and playing a wide range of music. Our community welcomes everyone whether you are an experienced musician, a new musician, or never played an instrument in your life. We offer many activities including

  • Jam with other musicians
  • Develop bands
  • Learn new songs
  • Participant in events
  • Learn a new instrument
  • Create compositions and songwriting

We explore all genres of music from classics, blues, jazz, pop, soul, rock, to heavy metal. Not limited by music originating from the English language; we intend to explore music from different regions, including French, Russian, African, middle-eastern; there is no limit to how far we intend to explore other music. Our team leaders are experienced musicians and are deeply motivated and excited to develop the music community and meet all musicians.

Our sessions are on every Tuesday, we meet at the SU at 5:15. There are no requirements to join, just bring your instrument if you are able to. We do everything from creating compositions to learning new songs. We'll regularly jam, create song covers, and plan events to perform live music.

Chair | Yassin Osman |

Secretary | Thomas Riley |

Treasurer | Stephanie Healey |

Welfare Liaison | Stephanie Healey |