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Green Society

Bucks Students' Union Society of the Year 2019/20

Bucks Green Society is a group of eco-warriors ready to help make Bucks a better place – focusing on sustainability and living an eco-friendly lifestyle!

We want you to #doitfordavid but also for yourself and our beautiful planet!

We were new to 2019/20 and sure made our mark! From running #BucksBansBalloons, to eco raffles, Bucks New Usage volunteering and regular craft sessions, we aim to make sustainability as fun and accessible as possible for students at Bucks!

We are here to raise awareness, educate and make change because we are in a climate crisis and there’s no time like the present.

In the words of Greta Thunberg: “I want you to act as if your house is on fire. Because it is.”

Get involved in fundraisers, trips to museums and organisations, community volunteering and more with Bucks Green Society!


Monthly sessions (Check our Bucks Green Society Facebook page for what is coming up!)

Society Video

 This is from our amazing natural dye session by the lovely Emily Hopkins, was 3rd year, now Alumni!


Chairman & Founder | Kia Wing - kiacwing@gmail.com

Secretary | Anna Belka | annaabelkaa@gmail.com

Treasurer | Sydney Owen | sydneyowen@hotmail.com

Fundraiser | Eve Nadin | eve.nadin@gmail.com

Social Secretary | Georgia Shortland | shortland.georgia@gmail.com

Welfare Liaison | Charlotte Frankel | charlotte.frankel74@gmail.com

Social media

Facebook - Bucks Green Society

Instagram: @bucksgreensociety

Twitter: @BucksGreenSoc