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We are a group of people that have the same passion for roller skating. We’re students from a range of different courses that share the same goal, to learn, practice and enjoy roller skating. 

Our society runs casual roller skating sessions that welcome people of all capabilities. It’ll take place in a range of locations such as the Wycombe leisure centre, the local skate park and some rented halls. We offer roller disco, where people can come dressed to the occasion and skate freely with a range of music styles. On top of that, we offer roller dance routines which become our leading promotional events, and these can be performed for and booked by the public. We do also offer movie nights which are of course roller skating themed! These will be decided by our members and the most voted movie will be played at the end of the week during our social. 

From joining our society you can make new friends who share your interest in Roller Skating as well as helping you get some physical activity in a way that’s fun and doesn’t feel too much like hard work. We wish to provide a fun environment during your spare time to escape from all the stresses of uni life and there’s no pressure here - it’s absolutely not competitive, the main goal is to enjoy yourself.

We will be attending RollerMania on Fridays once a month at the Wycombe leisure centre. We will also be having weekly private members only sessions - TBC. The details are being finalised, as soon as we know, you will too!

If there are any questions don't hesitate to contact us through our society email, committee members emails or our social media pages :)



Chair | Rachel Hamlin |

Secretary | Jamie Regan |

Treasurer | Rachael Andrews |

Welfare | Eleanor Lee |

Social Secretary | Mya Brown |

Captain | Amy Sorrell |