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Business and Law Soc

The Business and Law society aims to be a space where students can converge to debate on corporate world trends, build networks, develop professionally and personally, and have a sense of belonging in relating aspects.

We do this by hosting interactive sessions to stimulate analytical thinking. Some of these sessions would include healthy debates on trends and ideology, internal competitions, talks from guests, and frequent referred reading. We also refer to services offered by the Students’ Union and University, which are relevant to your professional development journey.

Joining the Business and Law Society would help you develop on several of your personal and professional skills and develop on areas for improvement in a social and interactive way.

The society meets on Wednesday afternoon at 4pm every other week. Our Marketing team would send friendly reminders through our Instagram account and Society WhatsApp groups. Follow our Instagram account @businesssandlaw.bnu to know where we would have each session, or join us over on LinkedIn.


Management Team Chair | Sruthi K Subhash |

Finance Team Chair | Peter Ashiagbor |

Events Team Chair | Nasifa Ahmadi |