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Welcome to the Esports Gaming Society, this society aims to create a fun yet competitive gaming atmosphere where all members can compete for spots on the teams and partake in different tournaments throughout the year, while also just having a good time socializing and gaming.

For those that will make it to the teams, we have super cool team shirts. For those professional-looking Instagram pictures :)



We are looking for captains of the different Esport teams. This is a very good way to get involved with bucks students union and learn more about societies.
If you are interested in the captain role please message Renato Martins at or CyberUK#4121 on Discord


Chair | Renato Martins | | Discord CyberUK#4121
Secretary | Ronan DeMelo | | Discord Nanor#2635
Treasurer | William Deeley |
Welfare Liaison | Vytautas Kravcenka |
Social Secretary | Renato Martins |