Fairtrade Policy

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We are a Fairtrade Students' Union and are proud to hold this status!

Bucks New University is a Fairtrade University and we are proud to hold this status. Being a Fairtrade University means that we serve Fairtrade tea, coffee and biscuits in our catering outlets, ensure our merchandise is Fairtrade and we recognise and host events during Fairtrade Fortnight.

For a full list of criteria, please visit the Fairtrade website.

Are you interested in Fairtrade? Do you want to make a difference in the local area? Become a part of our Fairtrade working group today! Email volunteering@bucks.ac.uk for more information.

Have a look at our Fairtrade policy or view our summaries below:



Fairtrade policy

Executive summary:

This policy will highlight the importance of using fairtrade products within the university and how the Students’ Union will further promote the campaign amongst the student and staff body.



Central to our mission is the importance of being student led and having a positive impact for our members. We provide a range of services such as student activities, advice, events, representation and volunteering.
It is this Unions’ duty to ensure the consistent and wide spread availability of Fairtrade certified products throughout the university, and promote this with the help of student volunteers.


This Union believes that:

Global trade offers great opportunities for developing countries and raising millions of people out of poverty.

• Increased trade can raise the quality of life for people and improve relationships between nations all over the world.

• Trade is more effective than aid relief, in delivering sustained opportunity, equality and security to nations world wide.

• Existing trade rules give stronger, richer countries and companies an unfair advantage over developing economies and businesses.


This Union further believes that:

Trade tariffs are a barrier to trade being employed by richer governments, to serve the interests of their own
economies and businesses, and prevent equality in global trade and growth.

• Farm subsidies supplied by the European Union and the US Government give unfair advantage to western farmers and are a barrier to free trade and competition.

• Farm subsidies are also damaging to the British farming industry and our environment.

• Reform of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to deliver fairer trade rules and ensure greater equality amongst national governments is essential in delivering greater freedom of trade, security and opportunities for developing countries.

• Fairtrade programmes help free farmers in the developing world from the barriers to trade imposed by richer governments.

• Fairtrade programmes are proven to help developing nations deliver quality produce and improve their farming techniques.

• Fairtrade Programmes have successfully raised people out of poverty world wide and have a genuine impact on the lives of people and their communities in the developing world.


This Union resolves:

To make our Union and University a Fairtrade Organisation through the endorsement of Fairtrade produce in Union facilities i.e. Fairtrade tea and coffee in the offices.

• To provide opportunities for students to purchase Fairtrade goods in our shop, bars and cafés.

• To work with the University Chaplaincy service to promote Fairtrade wherever possible.

• To take part in Fairtrade fortnight each year to promote the campaign to students and staff.

• To maintain a Fairtrade Steering Group; a combined University and Students’ Union committee chaired by the Vice-President for Education Welfare, which will meet once a term and monitor the application for the University Fairtrade status.