Green Ambassador 2019-20



Darren Hannay

This is my second year as Green Ambassador. Iam  a third year soft engineering student and my passion for sustainability on campus led to me running a paper usage campaign last year; aiming to reduce paper assignment submissions, encouraging lecturers to make use of electronic submissions where possible. The campaign is still ongoing but has already seen several students comment on the reduction in paper submissions. The aim of my work is not only to benefit the environment, but to improve students lives by reducing the money they need to spend.


Plans for the upcoming year:

  • After the success of last year, it would be great to have another beach clean with another university.
  • A cleanup or litterpick within Aylesbury so that students at the Aylesbury Campus have the opportunity to get involved.
  • Continuing the Paper Campaign to encourage lectures to make use of the electronic submission.
  • Launch a campaign to raise awareness of the recyclability of certain packaging.


This year saw the start of a new society, Green Society who have been working closely with myself and the Students' Union to create a more environmentally friendly campus by making small changes where we can.












This included:

  • Understanding what happens to the decorations at events like Fresher ball and Halloween. Are the reused year on year or disposed of?
  • Understanding what happens to the plastic cups on a night out in The Venue?
  • Seeing about the possibility of swapping out the plastic cups at the water machines to easily recylable paper cones.
  • Labelling all the bins in the cafes more clearly. This could be a way of stopping items going into the wrong bin and ending up in landfill.
  • Supporting Darren on the ongoing Paper Campaign.
  • Setting up a donation point for beauty projects.

Update March 2020:

All bins the the campus cafes are colour coded and have new labels on them which clearly show what items belong in each bin.

Donation points for unused beauty and personal hygiene products have been set up as a part of our collaborative project 'Give to Refresh'