Paper Campaign

In 2018-2019, Darren Hannay (Green Ambassador) started a campaign to reduce unnecessary paper assignment submissions. We polled students to find out which courses require paper as well as electronic submissions. Darren then emailed the course leaders to see if we could influence them to only use electronic submissions. We had great feedback and we plan to poll students again in April to see if there has been changes to submission. This campaign had an impact on the Students’ Union staff who have started to transition to paper free meetings! We typically have agendas and previous minutes printed for each meeting so reducing these or cutting them completely will hugely reduce our overall paper usage. This shows that student campaigns impact not only on students but also staff.


***UPDATE February 2020***

It has been confirmed in writing, by the head of school of Media and Creative Industries, that the Music team have decided that they will no longer ask students to print their dissertations in support of the paperless campaign and following advice from Nick Braisby. Read Darren's update from the Bucks Student newspaper below:

***Update January 2020***

From an email received from a head of school, it has been communicated that Nick Braisby, the Vice-Chancellor, has asked the schools to review the need for students to submit printed dissertations.


***Update December 2019***

Campaign leader and Green Ambassador, Darren Hannay asked Nick Braisby, the Vice-Chancellor, why dissertations were still required to be submitted as two copies in paper form as well as being submitted electronically. He carried on to state that this needed to be reduced as some dissertations were over 200 pages in length. Nick Braisby has responded saying that it was hard to mark long documents electronically but the University did need to try harder at this. To be looked into further.  


***UPDATE October 2019***

Tristan Tipping, CEO of Bucks Students’ Union, sent out an email to all staff of the Students' Union and the University to encourage and remind everyone that in meetings, we should aim to be as paperless as possible.


***UPDATE APRIL 2019***

We have spoken to students again this term to find out if there has been any difference in paper submissions. So far we have heard that of those students previously polled; eight courses have moved to electronic submissions only, with four courses still being asked to do both. We will continue to speak to course leaders and encourage them to make use of online submissions.