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Volunteering is not only doing something that benefits others but it is also a great way to get to know people, learn new things, gain experience in what interests you and get involved in something you care about.

Fancy getting involved in volunteering but unsure if it is for you? Have a read below at some of our students' experiences and see what they got up to.

Alex Wilson

I'm Alex Wilson and I study Event and Festival Management at BNU! In the first couple of months of university, I began a voluntary placement within the events team at Child Bereavement UK. Here I had the opportunity to assist in the preparation and implementation of a variety of different events - ranging from small local community event to the London Marathon, to outdoor cinema and operas! I have also volunteered my own time into working with different corporate events companies, helping out with all kinds of conferences, trade shows, incentives and networking events across the UK. I also spent a lot of time in my second year putting together a community fundraising festival which acted as part of the wider International Women's Day events portfolio.

I choose to volunteer for a number of reasons; I like supporting causes, I get to travel, I see lots of stunning venues and places, I get to meet different people etc. But one of the main reasons I do so much volunteering is to gain professional experience alongside my degree so that I know that I have used all this extra time at university to give myself the best possible chance of getting the job I want once I graduate.

All in all, I have completed around 700 hours of volunteering since starting my degree and I hope to continue at this rate going into my final year!


Klaudia Dudek

Volunteering has been a part of my University adventure, ever since I started Event and Festival Management course back in September 2015.

Getting involved in various opportunities (e.g. undertaking a position of ‘Events Intern’ for Child Bereavement UK, or becoming a ‘Conference Assistant’ for The Events Hub) has given me a chance of working with inspiring individuals, gaining valuable work experience, and making connections in the industry that I would like to become a part of in the future.

Applying for different roles has also been an easy way of discovering my stronger and weaker sides; and learning that some work positions, that I have not considered before, are actually quite interesting and enjoyable. Adding to that, one of the biggest perks of volunteering is simply a chance of helping others. Whether you are getting involved in local fundraisers, helping in renovations of schools, or walking your friends (those with four paws) – it is all bringing a smile on someone else’s face, so why not do it? And that is why I would strongly encourage other students to get involved in volunteering at Bucks.

Believe me, in the end of the year, receiving that 250 hours certificate will bring you lots of joy; and will become a nice reminder of your hard work and what you have achieved during your academic time.