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Representation takes many forms including student reps, school officers, executive officers and sabbatical officers. Each has their part to play in making sure that our members voices are heard

At Bucks, our courses fall into seven schools: Art, Design & Performance, Aviation & Security, Business, Law & Computing, Media & Creative Industries, Health Care & Social Work, Human & Social Services and Nursing & Allied Health. 

A student school officer is employed to assist the Representation team in a range of tasks within their relevant school. School Officers take on more responsibilities including attending Education Forum, Library Forum and several other meetings, as well as communicating with student reps on a regular basis.

School officers are also paid for the work they complete. If you are interested in one of these positions, please email


The school officers for 2019-20 are:

Art, Design & Performance: Becky Thick

Aviation & Security: Joshua Bimpong

Business, Law & Computing: Rianna Williamson

Health Care & Social Work: Stephanie Webb

Human & Social Sciences: Natasha Neal

Media & Creative Industries: Scarlett Thomas

Nursing & Allied Health: Lisa Connell