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Your Part-Time Officers

At Bucks Students’ Union we tenaciously endeavour to make life better for students at Bucks. During the summer the Bucks Students’ Union Sabbatical team decided that they wanted to find out more from some of our underrepresented groups. Hearing directly from these student groups is important to make sure that we are not making assumptions about their student experience. One of a number of initiatives that we are taking forward is the part-time officer roles, eight part-time volunteer officers who will represent the voice of their group.


In the October election students nominated themselves in six of the eight roles and after a bit of a slow start there were a couple of close elections.


Each of the groups that the part-time officers represent are students that have their own unique challenges along with some other challenges that are common across a number of student groups. In order for us to better deal with these issues we need to know the issues inside and out and as part of that seeing it from those students perspective is high on the agenda. Four of the roles are self-defining, including BME (Black Minority and Ethnic) Students Officer, Disabled Students Officer, LGBT+ Students Officer and Women Students Officer. The other four part-time officer roles are based on your entry data when you start university. Any students from outside of the UK are represented by the International Students Officer. Any students who are over 21 when they started university are represented by the Mature Students Officer.

If you are a part-time student or a postgraduate student and are interested in representing the views of a larger group of students then please contact the representation team at


Your 2016/17 Part-Time Officers are


Ashley Foot

LGBT+ Students Officer


Women Students Officer


Ludmila Neto

BME Students Officer

Patricia Garcia Feiteira

International Students Officer

Shakir Razak

Disabled Students Officer

Zahid Khan

Mature Students Officer

Hattie Hornblow

Part Time Officer

Belinda Rugonye Chihata

Postgraduate Students’ Officer