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Making change and your Union and University

How do I change things?

Submitting an idea is super easy! Just fill out the online form and your idea will go to our President, Joe Collins. After your idea has been approved it will be added to the website for students to vote and discuss the idea. For more information check out the 'How it works' section.


Submit an idea

Every idea that is submitted goes straight to our President, Joe Collins. Joe will then present the idea to the rest of the team and if approved will be added to the website for students to vote on. If you have any questions about the idea process please see our FAQs page.

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Current ideas


Tim Webb - Having a cross-course facilities system whereby a student from one course can book some time using the resources from another course. For an example, I, an Events and Festival Management student, am interested in wood-work and would like to take it up as a hobby/discipline. I do not have the space, dedicated tools or money to buy them, however there is a whole workshop within the university that far outstrips any setup I could make for myself. As well as this there are the textile facilities in the Red Shed, game developing computers/software/accessories, Audio suites and Film equipment. Let's enrich the lives of Bucks' students even further and help them graduate as the most well-rounded and developed people they can possibly be.
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Anonymous - Having a better hair dryer in the gym changing rooms so that students can go to the gym before uni, shower and not have to spend ages drying their hair (because the currant hair dryer is not very effective), or go to class with wet hair. Just a small change would make this routine for many much quicker.

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Dan James - I really feel it would be beneficial if a water fountain was installed outside G0.03 (filming rooms). This is because we have to go upstairs if we want a drink of water and this can be time consuming.

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Imogen Box - I have just started a society 'Healthy Tums' Aimed particularly at parents but open to all students. I have a few ideas that can hopefully work in conjunction with the society that Becky thought would be good to bring to your attention as follows; Play and study Group - parents come along to study while children play and refreshments. Cooking on a Budget classes - simple recipe classes for parents and children. Craft workshops - Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day etc. Cater for all ages. Study/gym Crèche - Potentially run by students who want voluntary childcare experience.

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Lauren Kelly - I think there should be a whacky, ugly Christmas jumper night in the SU! Prize for the UGLIEST jumper!

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- I would like to provide transport to all students of bucks uni at a fair flat rate 10% of income to be put into the student union fund. Got 3.5 Tonne Van. This will include student moving homes, buying furniture and removals

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- I think the 50p card charge in both uni cafes should be dropped! We live in a world where all our monies are on some bank card. If I only want to buy a 65p chocolate bar, I wouldn't like to pay the extra 50p just because I have no cash on me. I am aware that there is a cash machine outside the students' Union Lounge, however in a 10 minute break mid lecture, we do not have time to walk all the way over there, or maybe some people do not want to take out cash!

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Chris Walton - Have the Lounge room at the SU open on some nights as a bar rather than just another club room. Somewhere that people can talk because the music is at a reasonable volume, come for a few drinks with friends and generally hang out in in the early to late evening.  At present the night life seems to be club focused at the SU with the exception of the quiz on a Sunday. If the main event is in the gig room why not utilise the Lounge as a quieter space for those who want that kind of atmosphere.

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Anonymous - Push the National Student Union to tackle the major issues surround the poor quality of student housing and the lack of respect land lords show students. The Union seem to do little of any note to resolve problems that actually impact students in a meaningful way. Lobby them to use our money for something worth while for once.

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Previous Ideas


Jess Burton - The new study room opposite beats cafe should have blankets and cushions for the sofas and beanbags. It should also have a water fountain (especially because it's opposite the dance studio) and maybe some board games or mirrors as its used by students as somewhere to chill out when they have a big break between classes.

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Joe McCrudden - Have vending hot water in the library for when Starbucks is closed. Already vending cold and cool water.

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Owen Simpson - Increased bike parking, with better CCTV coverage
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Emma Wednesday - A social green space at the High Wycombe Campus

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Anonymous - A cat therapy room

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James Lynch - should the University buy business premises?

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Anonymous - The library toilets should provide sanitary product vending machines especially in a 24 hour library.
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Anonymous - Get notified somehow when post arrives in halls, it's such a pain having to check every 5 mins expecially when waiting for something with such a long estimated delivery date.

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How it works

When you submit an idea:

  • you and the Students’ Union promote your idea (social media/word of mouth, etc)
  • students rate the idea and discuss the good/bad points
  • if an idea gets 25 students voting it goes to Union Council, held once a month
  • if an idea fails to reach 25 votes in 14 days it expires.


After the vote stage

After 14 days the responses are analysed, and Union Council votes to do one of the following:

  • pass the idea (and instruct immediate action)
  • pass the idea to a sabbatical officer to take action
  • call a separate student vote on the idea
  • reject the idea
  • see our answers for more about scoring