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Making change and your Union and University

How do I change things?

Submitting an idea is super easy! Just fill out the online form and your idea will go to Ellie Freeman, our Student Engagement Coordinator.  

When submitting your idea, you will need to provide details of a proposer and a seconder. These are two people who support your idea and also wish to see it fulfilled.

After your idea has been submitted and approved, it will be discussed and voted upon at Union Council. If your idea is passed at Union Council we can look into the actions needed to pass your idea!

By submitting an idea, you are taking the first step to creating a positive change. This is an opportunity for you to take ownership of your idea and have an input in the student experience at Bucks. 

If you idea is approved by the Representation Team, you will be invited to Union Council to speak about your idea 

If you have any further questions please contact or

Previous passed ideas can be found below.


Data protection statement: To enable your democratic right to use this platform, we need to process some personal data. By proceeding with the next stage, and submitting an idea, you are providing consent for Bucks Students’ Union to process your data contained within our membership records for the purposes of administration, communication, access rights and statistical reporting. Full information on our data processing is available to view in our Student Data Privacy Statement at

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    Remove Staws from SU Bar

      Single use plastics are a genuine threat to marine life and Eco systems and is now one of the top 10 polluters of our ocean. We are finding small bits of plastic in the majority of sea food we eat. Plastic never breaks down. We Propose to remove straws from the SU in order to cut down our carbon foot print and reinvest the money back into the Students Union. by Emily Dixie and Robert Alexander

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      Emily Dixie

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