ELT Awards 2019

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The Excellence in Learning and Teaching Awards form part of the Union Awards Ceremony on Thursday 16 May 2019

These awards form part of the Union Awards. 




ELT Nominations 2019

Whether you are a student or member of staff, you are eligible to nominate someone for an Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award.

Click the start button to begin your nomination. You will need to submit your nomination by Friday 22 March 2019, at 2pm.

Data protection statement: By completing this online survey, you are giving us consent to collecting your personal data. We take your personal data seriously and will always keep your details, and the information you provide, safe and secure using them in accordance with our Student Data Privacy Statement bucksstudentsunion.org/privacy. We may also ask for more information about you (eg name, student ID number, age, gender or your course) but this is only ever used for statistical and analysis purposes and to ensure that we have a true representation of the student body at Bucks. 


The categories


Excellence and Innovation in Student Learning Support

Demonstrating Excellence in Academic Leadership

Excellence and Innovation in Learning and Teaching Practice


The criteria


1. Enhancing the student learning experience. For example: by arousing curiosity to stimulate and inspire learning, organising and presenting resources cogently and imaginatively, recognising and supporting diversity of student learning needs, drawing on relevant research, scholarship and professional practice and engaging with and contributing to established literature or building your own evidence base for future publication.

2. Raising the profile of excellence and support for student learning within the University and beyond if appropriate. For example: by contributing to the development and leadership of colleagues in promoting student learning contribution to departmental/faculty/University/national initiatives to facilitate student learning, and/or support towards meaningful and positive change with respect to pedagogic practice, policy and/or procedure.

3. Developing excellence – the nominees’ commitment to their ongoing professional development with the regard to teaching and learning and/or learning supporting. For example: evidence of the ongoing review and enhancement of individual practice, the inclusion and promotion of sustainability within the curriculum, engagement in scholarly activity and professional development activities, the review and enhancement of individual practice and contribution to improvements in the student learning, teaching and assessment experience.